Every person faces unique challenges related to his or her lifestyle, family situation, and physical condition.  That’s why we believe that one-to-one is the best way to provide you with the information and strategies that work best for you. We support our clients through continuous outreach – weekly coaching visits, on-going calls, emails, texting, face-time and Skype – to monitor your progress, review daily routines, and answer questions to keep YOU on track. We’ll teach you how to plan and time your meals so that you maintain control in all types of situations – home or out – while showing you what portion sizes are right for your size and activity level.

Our Personal Trainers at DC Wellness will meet with you to assess your level of physical fitness, and work with you to create an individualized plan that will compliment your structured eating plan.  We offer weekly group training sessions onsite to help get you started on incorporating movement slowly into your daily regimen. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned athlete, we will help you make movement a part of your regular routine!

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