Becoming a better you

The program's foundation is built upon the principles of eating to stabilize blood sugar levels.  This stabilization is vital to weight loss: excessive hunger and food cravings, as well as physical and mental fatigue, can result when blood sugar levels drop below normal.

With the program, pounds are lost during your goal weight is reached, and then you will learn to maintain it through moving forward.


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Balanced, consistent eating

Structured eating focuses on a balanced diet that includes all food groups throughout the program. It is safe and comfortable to follow over an extended period of time, and features foods readily available from any grocery store that the family can also eat! After cleansing your body of excess sugar and toxins, you will follow a nutrient-rich diet that is low in refined carbohydrates, fat, and calories. Once you’ve reached your target weight, you will create a plateau from which you can safely add new foods back into your diet while maintaining your weight goals.

Ready to start your journey?

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